About me

Name: Mikkel Mikjær Christensen, also known as Mike
Interests: Software Engineering, IT, Business, Fotography, Music, Commedy and electronics.
Birth: 1983

Hi my name is Mike, and im a serial entrepreneur, i am a passioned builder, i love to create stuff and i have ideas for several lifetimes. I started my first business in the schoolyard selling chineese knick-knacks to my schoolmates.

Just because im not working on a certain project currently it does not mean that i have sacked it, i.e. my childres book projekt started in 1999 and im still working on it!

Currently my main focus is a research and book project regarding Danish IT History, especially the ICL Comet 2000 / MPS 2000 computers, which where a series of 8 bit CP/M Based computers released in Denmark in 1979.

I can be reached through:

E-Mail: mikkel@mikjaer.com
Phone: +45 41 28 28 08

Twitter: @mikjaer

Instagram: @mikjaerdk

Security and Privacy

I am very pasionate about security and privacy, and i will as a general rule do what i can to respect your privacy.

SSH Keys

If you need to provide SSH Access for me to your systems, you can use the following SSH Keys. https://www.mikjaer-consulting.dk/sshkey.txt

PGP Signature

mike@roadwarriror:~ mike$ gpg –fingerprint mikkel@mikjaer.com
pub 4096R/7FA25956 2015-10-26 [expires: 2020-10-24]
Key fingerprint = 0EB2 B3C3 D538 13CE C36D 7911 8A7C DD47 7FA2 5956
uid Mikkel Christian Mikjaer Christensen <mikkel@mikjaer.com>
sub 4096R/649F8EC6 2015-10-26 [expires: 2020-10-24]

Signing policy:

I will only sign keys for people i have met face to face, and who requested the signing in person, such as during af conference or a keysignings party.

I will sign your personal og coporate key if you bring me at least one peice of governmental id, under the condition that the name on the key matches the name on the id.

If it is clear that the name on your key is fictitious, the name of a project or similare, you will have to proove to me that you are in control of the assigned email and where it applies, you will also have to proove affiliation with the associated project or organisation.

A signature from me does in no way imply trustworthiness, but merely the fact that i have verified the connection betwen said entity and the key.