Mikjaer.com - Mikkel Mikjær Christensen

Serial entrepeneur and huge nerd

Name: Mikkel Mikjær Christensen, also known as Mike
Interests: Software Engineering, IT, Business, Fotography, Music, Commedy and electronics.
Birth: 1983

Hi my name is Mike, and im a serial entrepreneur, i am a passioned builder, i love to create stuff and i have ideas for several lifetimes. I started my first business in the schoolyard selling chineese knick-knacks to my schoolmates.

Just because im not working on a certain projekt currently it does not mean that i have sacked it, i.e. my childres book projekt started in 1999 and im still working on it!

I can be reached through:

E-Mail: mikkel@mikjaer.com
Phone: +45 41 28 28 08

PHP/GPG Signature:

I am very pasionate about security and privacy, you are welcome to communicate securely with me using the following encryption key.

$ gpg --fingerprint mikkel@mikjaer.com
pub 4096R/7FA25956 2015-10-26 [expires: 2020-10-24]
Key fingerprint = 0EB2 B3C3 D538 13CE C36D 7911 8A7C DD47 7FA2 5956
uid Mikkel Christian Mikjaer Christensen
sub 4096R/649F8EC6 2015-10-26 [expires: 2020-10-24]

Signing policy:

I will only sign keys for people i have met face to face, and who requested the signing in person, such as during af conference or a keysignings party.

I will sign your personal og coporate key if you bring me at least one peice of governmental id, under the condition that the name on the key matches the name on the id.

If it is clear that the name on your key is fictitious, the name of a project or similare, you will have to proove to me that you are in control of the assigned email and where it applies, you will also have to proove affiliation with the associated project or organisation.

A signature from me does in no way imply trustworthiness, but merely the fact that i have verified the connection betwen said entity and the key.


In my hosting company, Specialhosting, we stride to provide world class service i and support to our customers, we only accept the best and if a solution does not fit our demands we are not afraid to build it ourself. Our primary product is business webhosting for weboroduction companies such as advertisements- og webbureaus or even large companies who has a lot of websites themselves.

Mikjaer Studios SMBA

My production company develops, test and spreads knowledge Open Source solutions to i video- and audio production, and ofcourse we also produce online content in form of podcasts, video content and streaming. Last but not leat we own a small photo- and videostudio in Herning, with all the necessities.

We also provide streaming services to a couple af Danish festival, The Camp is a 7 day opensource camp and the lectures can be watched here, the other one is called BornHack and takes place on one of the larger Danish island with direct ferries to Denmark, Sweden, Germany and Polland so this is an international event and the videos can be watched here.
We also rent out our equipment and services to 3rd parties.

Mikjaer Consulting SMBA

I also have to pay rent and eat sometimes, to archeive this i sell myself as a Unix and Security consultant through my own company, i do a lot of different stuff ranging from development, counceling and production.

However this is not realy that interesting, if you want to hear more about this please get in touch through my website.

Ekimrebyc.dk - It's my life

This is quite a historical blog, i have been blogging since 2003 and back in 2007 i started blogging on Wordpress and sadly lost my old blog-posts, so i strive to keep this blog alive even though many of the posts are outdated and no longer represents my views. This is probably also only interesting for friends and family and oh yea ... it's mostly in Danish so good luck to you if thats not your native tounge :-)


I have always been strugeling with obisity and my doctors inkompetence have not aided me a bit, so a couple of years ago i decided to start working on the problem myself, this has required a lot of test and studying which i share with the world on this blog. My plan is to share my results so that they can help others in the future.

Kogt I Roen

This is my commedy-music project, it is a Danish band and the name can be translated to something like "Totally Crazy" but litterally translated it means "boiled beets" but "beets" in old danish is also slang for "head", so "boiled heads". We actually have a few songs in English - but the project has been dormant for at while and will probably be for a while as well. But if you are into danish humor all our content is available from the website, and our Youtune channel..

To Tykke Tosser

To Tykke Tosser is a Youtube and podcast concept, it can be translated to "To fat crazy dudes", we love food, humor and photography - so we plan to make beautifull pictures with deliciouse food delivered in a fun a comfy setting.

The project has been started in parallel with a lot of other Mikjaer Studios Podcasts and the whole studios concept so it has been a slow start, which has been combined with long-term ilness from my partner in the project, so theres very littel material, but we are planning to reveiwe the show during spring 2018. For now you can have a look at our website, or our YouTube channel.


I am a Software Engineer and i have never realy been any good at electronics, ive decided to change that so i started a stream channel on Youtube called ElectroN00b where i stream my progress and i get good help and advice from my followers. I made a simple website and i stream the show to both Facebook and Youtube, and im currently considering wether or not i should start streaming on Twitch as well. This is an English show!

Feel free to join to help me, learn something or to challenge me ;-)

Webpreneur Podcasten

This is also a Danish podcast where we discuss technology and entrepreneurship together with other skilled, mostly danish entrepreneurs. The show was started in 2016 by me and an office-mate from the same shared workingspace as my companies lived in back then.

I try hard to match up with people who compliments me and have a different skilset so that the audience will have different contents from time to time. We've made some videos as well, but that took up to much of our time so we have gone back to doing audio only now.