As far as i can see there are tables lined up, filled with hackers, laptops, blinking LED i all posible colours and shapes, the room is dark and there this humming sound of combines speech, music and computer-noises in the air, a kind of hypnotic vibe goes through the air only disturbed by a sudden applause with air horns and wooing  like a football match, for no apparent reason, nobody really knows why, but we suspect that it’s some kind of psychological experiment to see how many people they can motivate to join.

We are somewhere between 15 and 20.000 hackers distributed throughout the konferencecenter og Leipzig, people coding, building robots, baking cakes and cooking – techno music, people drinking, children playing, lgbt activists, politicians and hackers playing capture-the-flag.

Theres an intriguing fragrance of pancakes and fastfood, theres continuously being added more and more blinking-lights, glowing ballons, models trains and exiting people everywhere who will tell you about their project with great passion.

A couple of large tracks with a couple of thousand attendees are being recorded and broadcasted, lots of exciting subject and speakers, but theres also a lot of small and self-organised workshops and talks, some are prepared and others are spawned spontaneously because somebody gets a good idea.

We spent most of the day by Labitats assembly, which is a place that hackerspaces, software groups, ctf teams and alike get assigned, so they’ll have a place to meet and for participants to engage with them. Which is why we got to talk to a lot of different people that we did not know before. Got a lot of new email addresses 🙂

I went to se a talk about Intels Management Engine, but my energilevels where to far off to sit still and just listening for so long time without doing anything else than listening to some guy, so i left early – but i stayed up until 2 ó clock coding and drove safely back to the hotel with no worries.

It is very hard to describe the atmosphere in this place, ive tried a couple of times, it is so inspirering that you get so much qualified input and i simple feel overwhelmed with inspiration and motivation, my back and feet hurts because im really not used to walking as much as i have done these days.

But i don’t care, this is a fantastic experience, and we’ve already started talking about what hotel to book for next year 🙂