Gradually we are getting used to Congress life, but the energy is running out, and after talking to our friends here we agreed to leave, according to our friends tommorow is pretty boring, unless we want to attend the party in the evening – which we did not plan to anywan.

We got a personal invite to the WireGuard talk by the maintainer himself, i ofcourse forgot his name, but he was really proud learning that one of the others hackers at our table was using his software. He was also very nervous that noone would show up to his talk, so we promised to show up, right after his talk there was a talk about polyamory, and i was a little bit courious about hacker-culture and polyamory meeting each other, so i wanted to attend that.

But when i wanted to go to the WireGuard room there where allready 200-300 people in queue, for a room that would not fit more than maybe 150 people. So i choose to walk around instead, my feet are getting more and more used to it, and i discovered a whole new wing of the conference, so i spent some time there.

The polyamory talk was also well attended, we could easily have filled a room double the current size. I had to sit on the floor even though i was one of the first to queue up. Halfway through the event my leg decided to cramp up so i wanted to leave, but one guy noticed and gave me he’s chair.

It was an interesting talk, nothing new for me, but it is nice to know that polyamory is also a thing in the hacker community.

Later that day we discovered yet another corner of the congress-site, featuring a chinesse-food-stand and a grill-stand that sold traditional german food – and german food is meat, so Mike was Happy. We ate chinesse and german food for dinner after we had packed down our gear.

The walk from the Labitat assembly to the car would only be 100 meter if we could go in a straight line, but even though i was getting used to walking, i was sooo tirred when i came back to the hotel.

I am so much going again next year, do you want to come along? 🙂