BornHolm is a Danish island which lies right between Denmark, Sweden, Germany and Poland it has great natur and is generally a nice place in the summer, and has ferries directly to/from the aforementioned countries. This of course makes it a perfect place for organising a hacker camp, which we did! It’s called BornHack, and i attended first time in 2017 which was in fact only the second time the event was held. First year i was also part of the organising team, but i sadly could not attend 🙁

This year we got a small team of volunteers to help us man the recording gear in the video tent, that took most of the stress of me an BT’s shoulders. However, i did not expect that maintaining duty shifts and training personal would be such a tiresome task, it was fun and exciting and im so ready to do it again – but i will probably only be recording one or two talk myself then.

Anyway, my team did a great job, i am so proud if them. If any of you guys ever read this, know that you are the best! Thankyou!

We tried building a tent-camp this year, it was awesome, with blickenlights and stuff … but BT and Robin took one for the team to pull it of, so next year we migh re-group and do something else, i don’t know what yet – we’ll figure it out.

If you read this, and do not plan to go next year, you are clearly out of your mind! Change plans, and joins us!

It’s a fantastic event, everybody is welcome, any gender, any family-structure – as long as long as you adhere to our code of conduct, you are welcome.