I left my cosy home a day early, my car had been acting up for a couple of days so i wanted to save some time if any issues occurred, they did not.

I had one of my friends from the local hackerspace join me on this trip, and at around Hanover we stopped for a short break to get something to eat, and a sign claimed that “Brathering mit Bratkartoffeln und frischen Zwiebelringen” was a local speciality – and if there something i cannot withstand, then it’s a local specialty.

So we had salty herring with potatoes – that was .. .eh … food. Not gonna be me favorite dish but it was a worthwhile experience which where at least the 5€ worth we paid for it.

Arrived at the hotel at around midnight and wend straight to sleep, so technically this was day 0.

Breakfast at the hotel was mediocre … actual it was a little disappointing, but the hotel was cheap so i guess it’s okay, i paid 35€ for breakfast, i am certainly not doing that again.

I sleept at the “Landhotel Glesien”, which is a three-star hotel, in an industrial area next to the airport.

The breakfast tried to look impressiv, there was a lot of different sausages, cheese, desert, bread, cereal, eggs, bacons, salads and in generally everything you would want from a breakfast buffet.

But – the soft boiled eggs where overcooked, the scrambled eggs tasted like they where made 4 hours earlier, the bacon was too chewy and the bread had gone stale.

Anyway, that could not ruin my day, because as you might remember from my 34c3 blog-post, the walk from the parking-lot to the entrance was a huge challenge for me, and I’ve spent a lot of time since ( My Danish Video Blog tells a little bit about this ) working out and getting in better shape, i lost around 10 kg’s and i did the walk without having to stop at all, and i felt much better than last year.

I am so satisfied with that, things like that really motivates me to keep on. 🙂

The queue to get wristband was quite short as well, i waited for less than two minutes and walked around a little – there was a lot to see and a lot of people to talk to.

As you remember from last years post, hackers are not really keen on all the picture-taking stuff, so any pictures will be of hardware – so tomorrow i plan to show you some of the interesting hardware installations here 🙂