With 17.000 hackers assembled in one place you are bound to experience some crazy shit, a combination of technical geniuses, artists and bat-shit-crazy conspiracy theorists with a touch of post-apocalyptic dystoptic sense, you get something like the “Catwalk woman”.

Walking aimlessly around in a circle, with only the sound of gears and stepper motors for the entirety of the congress, somewhat impressive and somewhat scary.

“Catwalk woman serenly strides round her eternal circle, never getting older. She’s tall and walks with a calm delicate feminine way. I want to get close to touch her but then remember she’s made of cold steel, with moving joints that could break my fingers…”

The machine apparently have no purpose, but a two-legged robot without any purpose is purpose enough for itself, and this is somehow symptomatic for this place, doing something for the sole purpose of doing it, is way enough purpose to do something awesome.

And this is one of the physical embodiments of this mentality, a lot of it goes on behind monitors and thousands of lines of code. Theres pictures are taken in the middle of the night when most of the participants are either sleeping og drinkink, which actually made it a little bit more scary 😉

Im showing you these two creatures because they where fended of, almost every other installation are build in such way that you cannot take pictures of it without people being in the frame – and as you know we really value privacy here, but in general everything is blinking, making noises or moving on its own – it’s fantastic, i am so overwhelmed just walking around and looking at other peoples projects.

Later today i am going out to a traditional German dinner with some of my Danish friends down here, and after that i will be spending some time with the Vintage Computing Cluster, i promise you some exciting pictures – theres a lot of old and exciting gear there.

To end this blog-post i will show you a video of a robot which at the same time both plays and is a trumpet.

Press play 😉