So i promised you some pictures from the Vintage Computer Cluster, so without further ado, here they are:

Yes you are right … i could improve a lot upon the exhibition, and i would have – but time constrained me, but next year i will bring som stuff – and yes, you are also right that i should tell some more about the machines. Especially the Robotron Machines, and i just added “Robotron” to both my todo- and wishlist.

This was the last day for me, in theory i could have had about half a day more, but i decided to leave early and be well-rested to celebrate New Years eve with the family.

So my last day was spend on walking around the congress center, talking to people and looking at projects, one of the things that i noticed was the facilities for kids … there was everything from ballpit, small lego’s, computers, and human(kid)size dollhouse/city and also huge lego’s … when i arrived 3 kids very busy building a large tower, they had been building ladders and entrance-ways themselves and was cooperating on the build-up process.

In other words, this is an event where everybody is welcome, regardless of gender, nationality, skill level and age. So please show up and help us make 36c3 an even more awesome event.

The travel back home was pretty un-eventfull, we had breakfast at McDonalds … the first ever in my experience, where they did not have quarterpounders … and not even that, they did not know what it was :-/

Aaaanyway … i ended up tasting their McRib, which i have never had before , and now i understand why people talk so much about it 🙂