We decided to move the Bornhack festival to the Danish island of Funen, primarily because it’s much more accessible than Bornholm, it is kinda a stepping stone between the two main parts of the country, Zealand and Jutland which means that theres a highway right across the Island and thats it’s stupidly easy for everybody to get there.

Besides from that the new venue is way larger and better organised than the old one, we will be able to expand as crazy there – the build up started around the 1st of August, i started by becoming sick by a combination of my diabetis, wrong food and a bad back. I was so close to quiting and driving home, also because the venue was so big that had trouble getting arround.

However luckily one of my friend had brought a new electrical bike, and it looked really nice and during the second day i was so curious that i wend to the local bike shop and tried one, and it was so much more awesome than expected, so i ended up buying one.

The bike was insanely expensive, around 2.000 €, but it totally changed my experience of the festival – firstly, the workout i got by riding around on it, made my diabetis symptoms disappear, being on festival i was eating somehow more unhealthy than regular and my body reacted to it, but as most people know, exercise helps the body lover the blod sugar and i now had much greater mobility, i was moving around the venue … for fun … something i haven’t done in 10 years.

I simply love this bike, it was the best investment of this summer, and it made me experience much more of the festival.

This year was also the first time we actually got our wellness area up and running (Photo: Jesper/Graffen, with permission) the hot-tub had been running for a couple of hours before someone hooked a sensor up to it, and put it on IRC so that it would notify us whenever we needed to add new wood to it. It was awesome 😀

I spend most of the week preparing questions for hacker-jeopardy, which is exactly what it sounds like, 4 teams compete between each other, in various hacker-trivia, mathematics or it history.

In general, this event is powered by volunteers and participants, and i probably only saw half of what was going on, so im gonna stop talking and start showing you some more pictures, but do keep in mind that the strict photo policy at Bornhack prohibits me from taking pictures with people in it without explicit content from every person, which is why most of the pictures are people-less … this does not mean that Bornhack was people-less, that just means i was up very early to take pictures 😉

Moem from Hack42, decided to decorate our container, which is where we store our equipment for the 50 weeks of the year where Bornhack is not a thing. She works as a professional sign-painter in her daily-life, but this is her first time ever using canned spray-paint.

The bar might look a bit messy during the day, and the cosiness is maybe not that obvious without music, light and people – but i hope you get the idea … if not, please show up in 2020 and experience it for yourself 😉

This is a picture of one of the dutch camps, they decided to bring a tea-house where they served … well … tea, with a smile and open arms, people are really awesome and its so hard to communicate how awesome it really is, talking about awesomeness …

The BornhackBadge team overdid themself, this year with a really awesome and hackable badge with a small LCD screen on it, i did not get time to play around with time, but the folks a Hackaday was impressed, speaking about Hackaday … my project. the video-recording-system, also got a mention 😀

Once the camp was over, we packed it all down, wend to Berlin and put it all up again!