This is a quad-yearly event held in Germany during summer, this was the first time where i finally was able to attend, i wanted to go the past two times but different circumstances in my life prevented me from it.

Not this time 😀

The obligatory badge-picture, i played a little with it, but i was to busy melting and relaxing to play more with it, i poked it a little and checked out the built in software.

I wanted to go, strictly as a participant, i am organising two festivals already so this was going to be my vacation.

The venue is an old brick factory which is turned into a museum, and then again turned into a hacker-festival during camp, we have the same issue with photography here as we have at Bornhack, so im trying to capture the vibe of the place without people in the pictures!

You are completely right, those railways are not in service 😉

Neither are these 🙂

Im not sure exactly how much effort is being put into decorations and lighting, but …

But everything is lit up, with moving or blinking light, i should probably have used more early mornings with my camera, speaking of morning …

My mornings was spend consuming breakfast of champions and bathing in the nearby lake (gravel pit) with like minded and free spirited people.

Im so much gonna be here again in 2023 <3