This is a bit different from the other events i have attended in the past, first of all, this was an exhibition and we where putting on a show, meaning i would be “on stage” during the entire event, primarily hosting an exhibition about “Danish Made Computer” secondarily giving a talk on the same subject.

It was a two day event, and i’ve wanted to bring three friends to help me host the event, but sadly one of them became ill a couple of days before the event, so we only wend 3 people.

I got the local Danish Unix User Group to sponsor our trip with 2.000€, which covered about two thirds of the costs.

There where a lot of exchibitors, two big halls.

With chairs, desc and walls making up 45 different exhibitions with different subject.

We where actually allowed to take crowd pictures here, which we did, but to be sure we still tried to avoid to many people

A part from the exhibitions there was also quite a selection of vintage gaming computers in the game room, this was heavily visited and i was actually pleased to se that a lot of the computers where firsts to me and those who where not, was presented in new and interesting ways for an instance this one.

Where Frank had recreated his teenage room from 1982, complete with acoustic couple and a wide selection of Atari controllers.

I produced a video for my RetroComputing Channel about the trip.

and i created a nice blog-post for my new blog in one of the largest danish it and tech websites, it was a nice trip and im certainly going to come back … maybe nok with such a large exhibition – that consumed quite a bit of resources, but the city is nice.

We had a nice time, and enjoyed lots of delicious foods …

The first night we decided to not go out for dinner and “just” eat at the hotel, and then go for a fancy dinner the next day, but the hotels restaurant where quite nice … we got this nice tartar with a great spicy taste …

Nice juice steaks where, where you did not need sauce, and

And super nice desert with premium chocolate, and we got to eat and drink everything we wanted, three persons, and only paid 1500 DKK. We where so impressed that we decided to have our “fancy dinner” the next day at the hotel as well 😉

The food at the venue was also fantastic, there was a nice little cafe with outside serving and a view of a super nice park, we had Flamküchen which is a French-German simplified version of pizza.

Next year i want to focus on one single system, it will probably be the ICL Comet which i am probably also gonna write a book about … i got way to many projects 😛