This years congress was, for me, less about the congress and more about me and my wellbeing here in Leipzig, i have been here several times now and the past years i survived well enough that i’d be willing to come back every time.

This year i wanted to do better, i wanted to be more comfortable here – first of all i shopped a little around and found a much better hotel for only a small increase in price.

This hotel has a nice restaurant and way better beds, better parking, better service and the distance to the venue is shorter.

I have also noticed that my German has become much better, i can have a conversation with a shop-keeper or a taxidriver, maybe not spotless, but good enough that we understand each other.

These things together gave me the courage to do some exploring, and the second day i visited a local shopping mall where i wanted to check out a new smart-watch, which i ended up buying.

In other words, my confidence in my own ability to navigate in this society has increased severely and that feels really god.

My overall physical condition has also improved a lot, i still have sore feet and some irritation between my thighs. I’ve talked to some friends, and gotten some ideas – it seems as though i need better shoes and better underwear in order to combat this.

I havent made anything special or watched any talk, i have been hanging around, talking to people, relaxed and had a good time – i think they call it vacation.

It is fabulous, and so are the pancakes! See you next year <3