36c3 – Day [1-3]

This years congress was, for me, less about the congress and more about me and my wellbeing here in Leipzig, i have been here several times now and the past years i survived well enough that i’d be willing to come back every time. This year i wanted to do better, i wanted to be […]

Vintage Computer Festival Berlin 2019

This is a bit different from the other events i have attended in the past, first of all, this was an exhibition and we where putting on a show, meaning i would be “on stage” during the entire event, primarily hosting an exhibition about “Danish Made Computer” secondarily giving a talk on the same subject. […]

Chaos Communication Camp 2019

This is a quad-yearly event held in Germany during summer, this was the first time where i finally was able to attend, i wanted to go the past two times but different circumstances in my life prevented me from it. Not this time 😀 The obligatory badge-picture, i played a little with it, but i […]

Bornhack 2019

We decided to move the Bornhack festival to the Danish island of Funen, primarily because it’s much more accessible than Bornholm, it is kinda a stepping stone between the two main parts of the country, Zealand and Jutland which means that theres a highway right across the Island and thats it’s stupidly easy for everybody […]