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Mikjaers Museum

of vintage computers.

Osborne, PC1

The Osborne Computer Corporation (OCC) was a pioneering maker of portable computers. It was located in the Silicon Valley of the southern San Francisco Bay Area in California.[1] Adam Osborne the founder of the company, developed, with design work from Lee Felsenstein, the world's first mass-produced portable computer in 1981.[1]

MSX, FS4000

msx #f4000 sold as a Word processor personal computer, with a built in printer and quite a lot of games available on cartridges. Released in 1985 with 64KB of ram targeted towards the Japanese market. Mine is working, I only have one game for it though 🙂 Unboxing and teststream here : https://youtu.be/158zTRI-fEE

Apple, Power Macintosh 6100/66

The Apple Power Macintosh 6100/66 features a 66 MHz PowerPC 601 processor, 8 or 16MB of RAM and 350 or 500 MB og harddrive. Could be extended with a 486DX2 Processor card and would then be able to run Windows or DOS.

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Contact details

E-Mail: mikkel@mikjaer.com
Twitter: @mikjaer
Instagram: @mikjaerdk

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