36c3 – Day [1-3]

This years congress was, for me, less about the congress and more about me and my wellbeing here in Leipzig, i have been here several times now and the past years i survived well enough that i’d be willing to come back every time. This year i wanted to do better, i wanted to be […]

Vintage Computer Festival Berlin 2019

This is a bit different from the other events i have attended in the past, first of all, this was an exhibition and we where putting on a show, meaning i would be “on stage” during the entire event, primarily hosting an exhibition about “Danish Made Computer” secondarily giving a talk on the same subject. […]

Chaos Communication Camp 2019

This is a quad-yearly event held in Germany during summer, this was the first time where i finally was able to attend, i wanted to go the past two times but different circumstances in my life prevented me from it. Not this time 😀 The obligatory badge-picture, i played a little with it, but i […]

Bornhack 2019

We decided to move the Bornhack festival to the Danish island of Funen, primarily because it’s much more accessible than Bornholm, it is kinda a stepping stone between the two main parts of the country, Zealand and Jutland which means that theres a highway right across the Island and thats it’s stupidly easy for everybody […]

35c3 – Day 3

So i promised you some pictures from the Vintage Computer Cluster, so without further ado, here they are: Yes you are right … i could improve a lot upon the exhibition, and i would have – but time constrained me, but next year i will bring som stuff – and yes, you are also right […]

35c3 – Day 2

With 17.000 hackers assembled in one place you are bound to experience some crazy shit, a combination of technical geniuses, artists and bat-shit-crazy conspiracy theorists with a touch of post-apocalyptic dystoptic sense, you get something like the “Catwalk woman”. Walking aimlessly around in a circle, with only the sound of gears and stepper motors for […]

35c3 – Day 1

I left my cosy home a day early, my car had been acting up for a couple of days so i wanted to save some time if any issues occurred, they did not. I had one of my friends from the local hackerspace join me on this trip, and at around Hanover we stopped for […]


I have been interested in retro computing for like almost forever, but i have not really been organised about it. So i’ve decided to get my collection into order, i want to fix the machines i have and i want to help preserve machines while they still exists. I am a little late i know, […]

BornHack 2018

BornHolm is a Danish island which lies right between Denmark, Sweden, Germany and Poland it has great natur and is generally a nice place in the summer, and has ferries directly to/from the aforementioned countries. This of course makes it a perfect place for organising a hacker camp, which we did! It’s called BornHack, and […]

34C3 – Day 3

Gradually we are getting used to Congress life, but the energy is running out, and after talking to our friends here we agreed to leave, according to our friends tommorow is pretty boring, unless we want to attend the party in the evening – which we did not plan to anywan. We got a personal […]